Daily Planner Printable

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This is a Daily Planner to manage your daily life. It is available in printable version.

You can add your

=> Daily Tasks

=> Goals

=> Self care (Routines, Workout)

=> Meals

=> Personal Todos

=> Notes

Download this daily planner right away, print it and get started!

Product information:

• This daily planner has dedicated space for notes/your daily todo list, priorities, selfcare, goals, meals.

• It has dedicated space for scheduling task so that you can use time blocking method to schedule your day.

• Your purchase includes A4, A5, printable planners.

• Text and colors alteration are part of the design and CAN NOT changed.

• Room for hole punches

• Perfect for anyone who want to daily schedule their task and want to use pen & paper to manage their life.

• Print as many pages as you want.

• Simply print it from your Office printer or home printer or get it printed from your nearest printing shop.

Other Information:

• You can download these minimalist daily planners, once your purchase is confirmed.

• Please note that there are no printed materials / physical products will be shipped.

• Download the file, print it and start using it right away.

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Daily Planner Printable

0 ratings
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